Business Cruise is a brand of RASS company which provides travel services with particular emphasis on water sports and tourism.

We specialize in the planning, preparation and execution of marine and inland cruises on all types of water bodies around the world.

Years of experience in tourism, organization and completion of sailing cruises allows us to offer our customers a wide range of services, from which we choose the best solutions.

Practical knowledge of dozens of seas and ocean areas, their infrastructure and contacts with local service providers allow us to offer you the liable, direct services with proven results.

Our Crew

Sailing is our passion that we've dedicated our lives to. We constantly search for interesting places, beautiful coastlines and stunning views.

Our skippers have the practical knowledge of almost all European seas as well as many outside Europe (e.g. Caribbean, Canaries, Thailand, Seychelles).

They also have all licences and permits as well as experience required to guarantee a safe and entertaining cruise.

Polska The Times, 24.06.2013, "Business on the southern seas"

"Heavenly beaches, exotic catamaran cruises, struggling with the waves..."
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